Ben 10 is Cartoon Network’s longest-running series. Spanning 15 years, it is one of the most critically-acclaimed shows in the channel’s history. The three-time Emmy Award-winning cartoon has been a fan favorite since its pilot in 2005.

Ben 10 consists primarily of 5 television series and four films. Created by Man of Action, kids worldwide have found a hero in the watch-wielding ten-year-old. If you have been following Ben 10 from its inception, the chances are that you know a lot about it. If you have not been following it, before getting involved, your first point of call should be knowing its history.

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How the Story of Ben 10 All Begins

The plot of Ben 10 follows the story of young Ben Tennyson, a ten-year-old boy. At the start, Ben is on a journey with his family—his cousin, Gwen, and his grandfather, Max. On this journey, Ben discovers the Omnitrix, a watch-modeled device. The Omnitrix allows Ben to transform into ten different aliens with their unique abilities and design. This is the beginning of a world of action-filled adventures. Then, joined by the smart Gwen and Grandpa Max, Ben embarks on a mission to save the world from evil.

Meet Ben’s Alien Friends

We mentioned earlier how the Omnitrix gives Ben access to transform into ten powerful aliens. First, let us look at the aliens and their unique abilities. Four Arms is a four-armed alien. His heightened strength is his most powerful skill. Then there’s Heat Blast. This alien has a magma-covered body and can throw fire at his enemies. He can also fly with his flames, which is fantastic! 

Then there’s Diamond Head, a green alien made of diamonds. As an attack, he can fire diamonds. He can shoot diamonds as his attack. Wildmutt is another alien. The orange dog-like creature moves on all fours. His navigation skills make him a useful asset to Ben. Some aliens are not just about strength and attack, though. Ben has Upgrade, which he can use to hack or gain access to any technology.

There’s also the smart Gray Matter, which helps Ben think and develop the best strategies. XLR-8 provides Ben with super speed. Stinkfly, an insect alien, has wings that help with flying. Lastly, Wildvine is a plant-like alien that can extend his arms and shoot vines at opponents. While the number of aliens Ben has access to would increase in the subsequent seasons, these ten are the original ones.

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