Ben 10 Hero Time, like many Ben 10 games, is a fun experience. Created by Playerthree for Cartoon Network, this adventurous simulation gives you a feel of the classic TV series.

The game’s villain is Billy Billions, a character who first appeared in the Omniverse series. Billy stole the Rust Bucket as part of his evil plans in the game. Players will be able to take control of Ben as they try to stop Billy from initiating his plots. With the power of the Omnitrix, you get to transform Ben into some of his signature aliens. Each alien he transforms into has its unique power. They can jump, smash boulders, fly, dash, and even shoot fireballs. You have to use the aliens to complete each level against the clock. Cannonbolt, Heatblast, Stinkfly, XLR8, and Overflow are available aliens.

The three zones to play through are Chemical Imbalance, Blight on the Adrenaland, and No-One’s Vault. Unfortunately, Ben 10 Hero Time isn’t the easiest Ben 10 game. This game’s first level consists of hopping and bouncing to gather Omnitrix icons. These green or blue icons can be found all across the level.

You must gather these icons before the time limit expires. On the other hand, time bonuses are given at the start of each level. You’ll gain five seconds as a result of this. Nonetheless, you must avoid making mistakes and complete each task successfully. Regardless, Ben 10 Hero Time is entertaining and intriguing. Each level motivates you to work harder and surpass the challenges.

The controls are not complex at all. You need to use the arrow keys on your keyboard to move in whichever direction you need to move.

Ben 10 Hero Time truly gives you the chance to be a hero. With Grandpa Max’s SUV stolen, assist Ben as he attempts to get it back.