Ben 10 Steam Camp is another game developed by Playerthree for Cartoon Network. It is an adventure game that promises to keep you interested until it has been completed.

This time, Steam Smythe’s evil robots are causing chaos in a nature park. Innocent tourists are in danger, and your goal in this game is to protect them. But, first, you have to turn them back into happy campers again and take them to the Rust Bucket.

Thanks to the Omnitrix, Ben is provided with just one alien for this game. You must transform into Stinkfly to rescue the civilians and return them safely. With the alien, your mission is to bring back the people to safety. You have to avoid dangers and defeat Steam Smythe’s evil robots.

Here is how to use the controls to navigate the game. First, you will use the arrow keys on your keyboard to fly with the alien. The Up, Down, Left, and Right arrow keys move him from one side to another. Then, you will avoid and dodge enemies in the way with the keys. Try not to get killed by bullets or missiles while navigating.

You can destroy the missiles and robots by tapping the Z key. The X key will help you aim while shooting. The SPACE bar enables you to shoot yourself to the robots and rescue the civilians. It would help if you were careful not to drop the civilians because you would lose time. It’s much better to carry the tourists one after the other. Carrying them in a chain would make Ben fly slower.

When you destroy the aliens, collect the power to fill up your energy meter. You will see the number of people you need to save in the top right corner of your screen. You have to rescue them before your energy finishes. Good luck!