Ben 10 World Rescue follows Ben trying to salvage his world from danger as always. This time, Grandpa Max and Gwen have been taken hostage by Kevin. It is your mission to try and stop him and bring back the gang safely.

In this side-scroller beat-em-up game, you get to control the main character, Ben Tennyson. Just like the cartoon series, Ben possesses an Omnitrix. This device gives him the ability to transform into several powerful aliens. The villain in the game, Kevin, also possesses an Omnitrix. You must take steps to stop Kevin from using it to cause evil.

In this action-packed game, be ready to go around the world. Paris, Rio de Janeiro, Tokyo, Yucatan, and London are among the game’s several locations. You can also control well-known aliens like Four-Arms, XLR-8, Stinkfly, Slapback, and Cannonbolt. You’ll fight your way past traps, obstacles, and many adversaries at various stages with the help of your alien buddies. The goal is to win and complete each city’s level and advance. In the end, Grandpa Max and Gwen would be saved, thanks to you!

The controls are the same all through the levels. To move forward or backward, navigate with the left and right keys of your player. The arrow key of your player that points up is to perform jumps, and Z is for performing a basic attack move. You can also make a special attack when your energy is full. You do this by pressing the X key. The special attack is a unique move, and each alien has a different one. Make sure to try it out when your character has enough energy.

Ben 10 World Rescue is one exciting Ben 10 game. The Cartoon Network TV series always delivers when it comes to gaming adaptations. So with the power of the Omnitrix, take on this fun game and help rescue the world.