Omnitrix Attack is another game from the Ben 10 franchise, and one you will not want to miss out on. The game follows the popular Ben Tennyson once again. Follow Ben as he fights evil in this top-down vertical-scrolling shooter video game with the Omnitrix wrapped around his hand.

The action game comprises nine levels to be completed. The story of Omnitrix Attack follows one of the main villains of the original series, Vilgax. In the game, Vilgax has been plotting his revenge on Ben 10 and his gang for defeating him. As a part of his plan to take over the world, he sent drones to destroy and cause chaos all over the city of New York. Are you going to let that happen?

Help Ben as he embarks on a mission to destroy the drones from destroying the city and stop Vilgax. Ben has access to several aliens: Cannonbolt, Diamondhead, Four Arms, Gray Matter, Heatblast, Overflow, Stinkfly, and Shock Rock. You will lead Ben to the end of the level with them and defeat the evil Vilgax.

The game is not difficult to play. To move around and avoid obstacles, press the arrow keys. You have to do this to avoid being trapped or hit. If you get hit, you can always refill your Health bar by collecting the green orbs along the road. This health bar is visible on the left-hand side of your screen. Because you must also fight the drones, the X key will be used to fire on them. Frequently, an Omnitrix checkpoint emerges. Use it to transform into an alien and inflict greater damage on your foes when you see this.

Omnitrix Attack is an action-packed addition to the world of Ben 10 games. Take on the role of the young hero once more and save the city from evil.